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P-code sidecar - PHP 2400


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How rare is this thing? I saw it on the 1982 price list and I believe Fabrice has pictures of it on his excellent site, but I've never seen one even come up on eBay. Just thinking it might be nice to have for those of us who have nanoPEBs but don't want the full PEB.

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I have seen exactly two of them since 1982, one of which I have. Mine is a regular production box. I suspect most of these went to schools back then, which would explain the difficulty of finding them today. The other one I saw was a prototype that Mike Dudeck had up for sale on his Tex*In Treasures website. He actually had it there for a couple of years, and sold it about a week before I inquired about it for purchase, as I had finally set aside the finds I needed to buy it--but I was just a little too late. I bought a partially assembled TI 128K memory board for the 99/4A instead.


These are actually a lot harder to find than the Video Controller sidecar boxes. . .

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