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Ouya controller on Retroarch Windows 10


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I've been trying to get retroarch set up and having great difficulty. I managed to get everything installed and mostly working. The thing I am stuck on now is getting my Ouya controller configured to work to retroarch. I have it somewhat working - however, the Windows 10 joypad calibration tool displays numbers for each button that seem to be wrong. for example, Windows 10 calibration tool reports the D-DOWN is a "10". but in Retroarch it behaves like the UP button. None of the input buttons (a,b,x,y) work. I've been at it for hours and I've just about reached my end. Does anyone have Ouya controller properly configured that can please share the cfg?


Thank you.

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I don't have any experience with the Ouya controller at all but I do have experience with Retroarch. I don't know if this will work or not but in Retroarch go to Settings > Input > Input User 1 Binds. Once in there check the User 1 Device Index and see if your controller is detected, an Xbox 360 controller is named Xinput Controller but it is something that doesn't look like your controller trying pressing left or right on your keyboard til it is something that looks like your controller.


From there you can try the "User 1 Bind All" and it will go through the binding process asking you what you want to bind what buttons to. I hope this is somewhat helpful for you.

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I was able to coble together an Ouya button mapping based on research and some trial-and-error. This seems to work with retroarch 1.6.7 under Windows 10. I mapped O to a, U to x, Y to y and A to b.



input_driver = "xinput"
input_device = "OUYA Game Controller"
input_vendor_id = "2652"
input_product_id = "8532"
input_a_btn = "0"
input_b_btn = "3"
input_x_btn = "1"
input_y_btn = "2"
input_select_btn = "6"
input_start_btn = "7"
input_up_btn = "8"
input_down_btn = "9"
input_left_btn = "10"
input_right_btn = "11"
input_l_btn = "4"
input_r_btn = "5"
input_l2_btn = "12"
input_r2_btn = "13"
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