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Updating your TI while keeping the aesthetics somewhat normal.


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Yea, I forgot about the sides of the 2x5.

What about something like this, but of course a 2x20 instead of 2x25.

People could even make their own shorten the remainder.




I don't understand what I'm looking at.


At present, I am planning to provide a pair of 1x5 dupont connector based cables, that I can get off-the-shelf so I don't have to build them. That may at some point switch to single 2x5 dupont cable if I find a supplier.

I have no interest in manufacturing cables.


The quality of the cable is important. ElectricLab and I have both had plenty of grief from sub-par connectors and cabling. IDC connectors don't connect to stacking headers well, so watch out for that.



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