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Looking for the best Atari BASIC games


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Don't know if these qualify as 'the best', but I always enjoyed Time Trial and Rockslide (both for sentimental reasons - some of the first A8 games I was exposed to via friends or magazines) and Devil's Doorway. There's also a decent A8 BASIC port of Carnival (one of my favorite 2600 titles) out there.

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Rear Guard was probably the most prominent commercial Basic + asm game outside of Ataris creations.


* takes opportunity to plug own creations - http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=8&type=G&team=1143&step=25

Except Stellar Shuttle 480i which is 100% assembly. I did a Reversi game, though it was converted from an existing one for another computer.


* takes opportunity to plug co-author's creations - http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=8&type=G&team=2561&step=25

Except Road Toad which is 100% assembly.

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Crush, Crumble, and Chomp

Now that would really merit a re-write. A very clever game idea that AFAIK has not been taken up ever since, but a bit lame to play as it did not use the Atari's facilities to their best. I hated it when your turn was over and you had to wait for the computer to attack you. Had a look at the code once but being optimised BASIC it's quite hard to understand and it would probably be easier to rewrite it from scratch.

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Hey guys, rounding out my collection of Atari software, am looking for the best BASIC games, thus far I have:


* Energy Czar


* Blackjack

* Goldrush

* Oilwell

* Kingdom


Not counting the various games by Automated Simulations, Adventure Intl, etc..



Here's a game I play on emulator (altirra). It originates from an HP41 handheld text game.

I wrote it in BASIC, and compiled it with the ABC compiler.

The .BAS file will play OK, but is a little slow if I remember.

I guess it is for old people like me. I don't do hand-eye action games.

The game is played with two seven sided dice (?). You roll the dice and try

to accumulate points to goal you set when you begin. If you roll one snakeye,

you lose a turn and the program plays. If you roll two snakeyes, you go back

to zero points. You hit the spacebar to roll another time. You hit any other key

to stop rolling and let the computer play. I set goal of 250 most of the time.

Lower goal is faster game.


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There was an outstanding version of Othello called Reversi done in BASIC...


Maybe you're thinking of this one published in Analog Computing: Supereversion


There was also this pirate release of it by LindaSoft: Othello 3-D (Supereversion)


There's also a compiled BASIC version of it.

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Regarding Crush, Crumble and Chomp: Why is this 1981 game asking, "Do you have an old machine?" XLs are year or so off at this time. Was the NTSC artifacting different between CTIA and GTIA.


Btw, I had, and still have my 800. It originally was an OS-A and CTIA machine but I had it upgraded around the time the 1200XL rolled out. I also had this game on tape. I can't say I remember the question from those days. Too long ago and my memory has always been bad.

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