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So I have been fighting with the code for the game for a few days now and I think I have it nailed down. It did sort of have a little freakout on maze #7 on real hardware, but I'm ignoring it because it hasn't done anything evil since. Apparently my code was so tightly packed that even putting in a couple lines of code caused all the pages to move around which caused a whole bunch of stupid things to happen. At a couple points I gave up on the game because it was acting so stupid.

I added something. The ability to reset the maze by a press of the Action button when the rat and cat are moving. The only problem is that the maze walls black out. I think I know why it's doing that, but I can't fix it since the code is being a butthole. It says I have about 300 bytes left when I compiled the latest version, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was way less than that.

Now that everything that I wanted to have happen in the game is happening and I shouldn't have to edit the in-game logic, all I should have to do now is make more puzzles and put them in the game. A maze's data is 30 bytes for each one, not counting the logic I need to put in the maze getting part of the code to reach and read the chosen maze's data. So if the 300 or so bytes is correct, I should have room for 10 more mazes. I'm going to try to cram one more in for a round 19 total mazes. Well, it's round when you look at the logic for key pressing in the maze number you want.

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