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Team 17 released a teaser today that Worms is coming to Switch. I've only been waiting for five years or more for another Nintendo Worms release..


Sadly I think it will be download only. Oh well, such a worms fan will probably still pick this one up....



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No physical no purchase. Thats pretty much my blanket rule. I MAY at one point download one or two games.


Have pretty much made this rule for myself as well. Trying to vote with my wallet and let developers know on Twitter that we want physical copies.


Made and exception for Fast RMX and the Neo Geo titles...but not sure i'll do it again for much else

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Welp.....guess i'm not buying it. Still have plenty of worms to play on physical media on other consoles (Jag, N64, DC, DS, etc.)


Had a good whine about it to Team 17 HQ since i'm no longer on twitter:




Dramatic enought? ;)

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One thing I do have to say is that if you can only afford these games one at a time (like me) the shipping kind of stings. Its around $12 to ship to the USA through them. They do ship quickly and do arrive perfectly, but shipping costs really drive up the price for titles you can get really cheap on the eShop. But, I am about physical games and always have and always will be. The best way if you have the funds to save is to buy their packs of titles at once like this:





They really haven't had a track record of selling out on titles so you can probably hold out and pick up a few at a time this way. But I am always the worry wart that things one of their games (which are usually limited to 3K) will go out before it is included in a package deal with others so I just order them as they come about.


Here are the next nine games coming from SRG. I personally am waiting for N++:


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