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Help fixing Microdeal Cashman image ?


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I found an ad for this game in an early ST magazine (86 ish). It looks to be a Jumpman type game but allows for 2 players. It took a while, but I found an image for it. I thought the game was for the ST, but the image is for a cassette, so I guess its an 8 bit game.


The image won't load properly. It gets about halfway through, then causes the emulator to crash for OSB, XL, and XE. Now that I think of it, I didn't try OSA. The game is from 85. Maybe the image isn't for the Atari?


Who can figure out why this doesn't load and then if possible fix it, or make an XEX out of it?


Heres some information about the game:






Page about the game:



Page about the CoCo port of the game:



Cassette Image:

Cashman (1985)(Microdeal).zip





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The image in the picture (ad) isn't from the CoCo, the web link has pics of those and they are clearly different. I'm a little surprised that the tape format would load on an Atari if it was from another platform, but I'm no tape format expert by any stretch. It also surprising the ad would appear in an ST only magazine if it was for another platform.

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If it was an ST title it would be a Michtron Release....or MicroDeal release


also mentions Michtron but no info about other platforms, Computer Shack is the original name when it was developed and self published

It couldn't hurt to have awesome port of Time Bandits either!

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