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WTB: Need something 3D Printed

SiLic0ne t0aD

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Hi folks,


I am looking for somebody here in the states to 3D print something for me, a somewhat large item called the VecJoy. You see, I am getting a DIY joystick controller kit for the Vectrex by someone here on AA and another fellow AA user designed a 3D printed case for it to be housed into.. hopefully someone here has the capabilites to do this job for me. So far, I've struck out since no one seems to have a printer large enough to do it. I've talked to a couple nice fellows that are able to do it, however, they're across the pond and shipping would be quite expensive. So, if someone here in the USA could print this for me in Natural (clear/transparent) color (just like in the link below), I'd be very grateful and will make it worth your while. Here's the link to the zip file/website:




Comment here in this thread and/or PM me if you can pull it off, thanks!


P.S. If you want to buy this awesome controller kit, drop by this thread and give Rolo a shout to get on the list.



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