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coleccovision / ti99 4/a adapter part


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I'll watch this space in case someone comes up with a link or at least a name for the connector. As far as I know, the same connector (with small variance in appearance) was used for:


* TI-99/4(A)

* ColecoVision, power and roller controller (exact same or the latter with tilted pins?)

* Spectravideo SVI-318/328/728

* Blue Chip, 3rd party floppy drive for C64

* LDW Super 2000 and California Access CA2001, both 3rd party floppy drives for the Atari 8-bit (and this is what Brenski needs the connector for)

* Possibly more devices that I've forgotten or not heard about


The voltages and pinouts differ, though I believe the Spectravideo and all of the 3rd party drives have the same configuration of voltages and pinout which accounts for something.


If it only had been one of those brands using the connector, I would've accepted the fact it was proprietary and custom made for them but here we have several major and some minor manufacturers over a time period of nearly a decade who have been using it, yet today it either is a well protected secret or nobody still remembers what it was called or who made them. There is a mention on some image uploaded to Wikipedia Commons that it was a custom connector for the ColecoVision, but I haven't had the guts to challenge that statement.


Doing an image search for 4 pin power connectors mainly brings up Molex/AMP type connectors, and while someone in the TI camp made some DIY by sanding down two of them and gluing them together, it seems as a make-shift solution. I suppose harvesting the connector from broken ColecoVision and TI-99/4(A) supplies is the only practical way to get a connector to assemble to an existing transformer or power supply that outputs the voltages you need.

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thanks - that's more or less what I've found


same connector

cbs 91649 - colecovision

ac9500 - ti99/4a


same connector + voltages

PW916 - CA2001/LDW2000/Alltech/Allkauf Commodore RF501C drive

108-48 - spectravideo

svi-201 power - svi728

318-201 - spectravideo

SVI - spectravideo Spain



same voltage different connector

RCore preamp transformer

HKA-9151608 - unknown


same connector + voltages (but USA only)


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Australian company Doss used to sell an inexpensive transformer that output 9VAC + 16VAC with a 5-pin DIN that might've fitted a VTech Creativision/Dick Smith Wizzard. Alas that transformer is out of production, so are most of them I've found. IIRC the Interton VC-4000 uses 8VAC 9.8VA + 15VAC 2.4VA with a very custom connector, but the principle of dual AC voltages, one lower voltage at a higher amperage and one higher voltage at a lower amperage seems to have been reasonably common. As mentioned elsewhere, e.g. the internal transformer in a 1541 outputs 9V AC + 16V AC at the proper amount of ampere.


But this is the hunt for the connector, not so much the hunt for the transformer. :)


(And yes, in principle I am also looking for both at the moment, to power a SVI-328. Last year I saw two loose power supplies on an auction site, going rather cheap but I forgot to raise my bid)

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Someone needs to get a third party cable manufactory to make a 6 foot black cord with this special connector on one side and 4 pair wires on the other side. There are some third party ATX power supplies on the market that have a Coleco ADAM computer wire harness which is a unique DB-9 style connector and a ColecoVision power cord wire harness. Those power supplies work very well at 220 and 120 volts for the Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision systems. Making a TI-99/4a and Spectravideo power supply that works at either 220 volts or 120 volts is possible, however it is a little bit more involved since one needs either a dual AC transformer, two separate AC transformers, or a single AC transformer with a voltage drop down circuit (Also the power supply would be made from scratch). However, before one can consider making a power supply for the many systems that use this special 4 pin connector we need a company to start making a high quality 6 foot black 18 gauge or 20 gauge cord again with the special connector on one end.

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