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"Cat Trax" Video Review for the Emerson Arcadia 2001


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(There isn't an Atariage Arcadia 2001 sub-forum, so I'm posting this video review here.)


This is a video review of Cat Trax, a game released for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 in 1982.




You can watch the video here:



This game was recently played for Season 1, Round 1 of the Arcadia 2001/MPT-03 High Score Club that we've been having for the last few weeks over on the Arcadia Yahoo groups.


In Cat Trax, three dogs chase a cat (the player) around a maze. You have the ability to somewhat control the maze by opening and closing gates using the keypad on the Arcadia's controller. You can also turn the tables on the dog by turning into a dogcatcher. You can also warp to a random location in the maze.

There are 4 different games plus 8 additional options which make a total of 32 possible play combinations. The purpose of this game is to score as many points as possible. Points are achieved when the Cat eats the Catnip (Dots), apple, fish and Dogs themselves.


I'm using Ward Shrake's "Director's Cut" of his Arcadia 2001 section of the Digital Press Collector's Guide 7 (published in August 2002) for most of the information that is in this section.

Cat Trax is a 4KB cartridge released in 1982 in a long case. It uses the left-side controller. The game is by "UA Limited." This game was intended to be the Arcadia 2001 console group's legalized version of Pac-Man. It was not the first version made; Crazy Gobbler was apparently written before Cat Trax. The November 1982 Electronic Games had a positive review of this game, in which they note that it was barely finished at that time.

Cat Trax is one of three games known to have been ported over to the Atari 2600 VCS console by "UA Limited" in 1983. (See also Funky Fish and Pleiades).


I hope you enjoy the video; please leave feedback.



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