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Source for O2 Joystick Cables/Connectors


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I'm doing a Joystick mod on my Odyssey 2 and I need two of the joystick cables (with the connectors attached) from the model where the controllers were connected on the inside of the system. Is there a source on the web where I could get the cables and attached connectors. (See the attached photo of the connector)?




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something like this might work if the pitch is the same






If the pitch is the same but the female plastic connector won't work with the existing male header on the board, then you could use the one that comes with it since it comes with a male header as well.


Here shows how to measure the pitch pcb-connector-pitch-size-.079.png






You just have to measure what you have first to make sure whatever you buy is the correct pitch so the new pins and holes line up with the connectors and pcb.

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The one on eBay seems to be 2.54 mm, 0.1" spacing while according to above you're looking for 2.00 mm, 0.079" spacing. Yet it says better measure it yourself before buying the wrong parts.


You might find something here, or at a competitor's site. Then it is up to you to fit cables to the connector.


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