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E.R.I.C Laserdisc Found


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I recently got a large laserdisc lot from a local Atari friend. While sorting them out I came across an ERIC POP disc! I'm not sure what to do with it, but it appears to be in good shape. Will it play on a regular laserdisc player (don't have one yet)?



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Nice find! It will play just fine, you just will not have the full interactive of selecting specific chapters that was controlled thru the kiosk. However, the jog shuttle dial and frame search will still work to discover all the retro video footage. I have a couple unique laser discs myself, both can be played thru.


1. In&Out Hamburger Employee Training Laser disc - Ah, a few hidden menu burgers!


2. Dragons Lair Arcade Disc - Yes, the actual arcade along with factory schematics, the death scene repeats thruout the disc!


3. Astron Belt Laser Disc - The home Palcom version based on the Midway Arcade.


LASER CED VHD Guide: The Forgotten Jog Shuttle Dial




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I have no idea how to dump a laserdisc. I don't even have a laserdisc player at the moment.

MAMEDEV has experience with dumping laserdiscs in a format suitable for archiving. Its complicated since they contain analog video and sound. Maybe you can get in contact with someone from MAME to help archive the ERIC disc.

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Oh come on Fred_M. These Youtube videos are encoded in 352x264 with visible compression artifacts, while LaserDisc has almost twice the resolution both horizontally and vertically.


You're right, those Youtube videos are no where near LaserDisc quality. It should be easy to get a much better copy.

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Laserdisc is not a high res medium, slightly better than VHS, so I think the video's on YouTube are already good quality.

The laserdisc video would look a lot better if recorded at a higher res. A lot of these Atari Inc. produced videos on Youtube were recorded at low res because of upload/download speeds of the Internet at the time.



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Yes, that was the auction I also found. Asking price $95


I think the youtube videos are not that bad. The normal resolution for laserdisc was 425 horizontal lines in the US. And the youtube videos are only 5 years old.


But hey, who am I to judge :grin: If someone can upload them in better quality, I am all for it ofcourse ;)

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Well there you go. Mine is missing the sleeve but looks the same. Funny, I thought it would go for more than that.

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