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88 of the 100's For PRGE


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Here is a partial list of what I have availible at the moment.

List updated after PRGE.


Pole Position® Boxed 1st

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, Cart, Manual, Overlays *Repro Box.

BC's Quest For Tires Sealed Sierra (Original Underground Release)

Horse Racing Sealed Gatefold Mattel Gatefold

NASL® Soccer Sealed German

NASL® Soccer Sealed German

Space Armada Sealed Sears

Space Hawk Sealed Sears

Astrosmash Sealed Sears

Astrosmash Sealed Sears

Star Strike Sealed Sears

Congo Bongo® Boxed Repro Box

BurgerTime® Sealed

Astrosmash Sealed French Canadian

Las Vegas Roulette Sealed Gatefold

Princess Quest (Blue) Boxed Collector Vision

Donkey Kong Junior Boxed

Mountain Madness Super pro Skiing Boxed

Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey Boxed

BC's Quest For Tires Boxed (Re-Issue - New not Shrinkwrapped)

PGA Golf Sealed Gatefold

Royal Dealer Sealed Italian

Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling Boxed Repo Box

Zaxxon Boxed

Super Cobra Sealed

Space Cunt 2 Boxes

Motocross Sealed

Princess Quest (Red) Boxed

Space Hawk Sealed Gatefold

Utopia Sealed

Game Factory Boxed

Royal Dealer Sealed Gatefold

Poker and Blackjack Sealed Gatefold

Poker and Blackjack Sealed

Space Battle Sealed Gatefold

Armor Battle Sealed Gatefold

Armor Battle Sealed Gatefold

Poker and Blackjack Sealed Sears

Major League Baseball Sealed Gatefold

Reversi Sealed Gatefold

NFL Football Boxed "Color TV"

Super Mine-Field Sealed

Sidney Hunter - Shrines Boxed CBS

Space Raid Boxed CBS

Brickout Boxed

Flappee Bird Boxed

Old School Sealed #47

Old School Sealed Non-Kit

Old School Sealed Non-Kit

DK II Arcade Sealed

DK Arcade Sealed #203

Takeover Boxed

Boulder Dash Sealed #198

Lost Caved of Kroz Sealed #14

Lost Caved of Kroz Sealed #16

Lost Caved of Kroz Sealed #393

Copter Comand Boxed

Copter Comand Boxed

Brickout Boxed

Super Pro Tennis Boxed

Super Pro Tennis Boxed

Paddle Party Sealed #32

Scarfinger Boxed

Illusions Boxed

Donker Kong Brown Box (IntelligentVision)

Go For The Gold Box Only

Tron Complete Box Only

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You'll see them. I'll get a photo this afternoon. My son is dropping off a batch of stuff. INTV I think. Also some NIB Skill-Stix and a few others. Used or NIB Sears Replacement availible too. I still need boxed Wico. LOL


My Holy Grail list is, CBS Turbo NIB and Red CIB Test Cart and Mintish Learning Fun II. Might give up My #008 Christmas Carol with Clear Cart(s)- It's Sealed NIB with seperate replacement cart for a Very Good LF II.


I'll have sevreal hundred cart only at 50¢ each. A few for morle like Triple Chalange, Defender, Major League World Series Baseball and such.


Back too the Portland Pile.


Not much else in my booth except the two demo/Prototypes of a new Intellivoice game, to be played!

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