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Everdrive 64 (Stoneage Gamer Deluxe), and Sega Genesis 2 Console


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Greetings, all.


2 items for sale.


First: Everdrive 64 for Nintendo 64. Stone Age Gamer "Deluxe" Edition. I don't remember what version, but near as I can tell, it says "version 2.00" on the back (see pictures). Firmware (etc.) is whatever it shipped with, because if it works great (and it does), I don't mess with anything.

It is like new.


Bonus: Will include 32mb Sandisk SD card. However, you will have to locate your own ROMS, as I don't want to violate any policies by selling ROMs. However, I (or one of your friends) can possibly give a tip later where you can look on your own. It also works quite well with a very-capable NES emulator that is quite usable!


Very similar to what is for sale here at Stone Age Gamer....




....except very close to 1/2 price, as I am looking for $75 with FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL U.S. I like my friends in other countries, but I have found that shipping is just completely ridiculous, now. I don't know if the Post Office is ripping off, but I can ship to England for less than I can ship to our close neighbors in Canada, sometimes. Crazy world. It's just almost not practical anymore. Pics....















Second: Very basic Sega Genesis 2 system. Pretty good condition. A few scuffs (most notably right front corner on top (see pics)) but everything is squeaky-clean. Standard 3-button controller has a couple of scrapes, but has been disassembled, thoroughly-cleaned, etc. No grease and dead skin packed into the nooks and crannies like an Ebay or thrift-store system. Third-party 6-button controller still in package. RF and composite cords. Beavis and Butthead (sorry, that's all I had) to demo system with. Original OEM power supply.


Looking for $35 shipped in continental U.S., which is almost a give-away, considering shipping. Pics:



















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Thank you, everyone, for interest. I guess I sold too cheap. Silly me. Windfall for ianoid, who seems like a good guy, and I'm glad he's getting it.


SO: EVERDRIVE 64 SOLD. SEGA GENESIS AVAILABLE. I know the Genesis is NOT rare, but shipping will me more than $10, so I thought $35 sounded reasonable, for a clean one with necessary accesories. Am I asking too much? Opinions welcome. Lord knows a Super Nintendo is worth more!!!!


But you should buy this, then add Everdrive-MD and season to taste! :)

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