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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - 14 Days Till Bubsy Launch - FFT Shirt


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With the recent advertisements with the usual Bubsy red exclamation mark, and later with the black shield shirt, I decided to have a little fun with gimp and make the yellow exclamation mark shirt from Fractured Furry Tales as seen off to the side.

One could argue that the the fairy tales were fractured, even including Bubsy's shirt. At the beginning of the game his shirt is yellow and all intro show a yellow exclamation mark. At the end of the game in the final closing scene the exclamation mark is red again. Makes sense.

Real world story, the yellow was a null color field that would turn red or green depending on if you were player one or player two. The programmers that started with the original Bubsy 1 code when making Fractured Furry Tales, while they created a whole new fun Bubsy game, didn't turn on this feature. So the field remains the null yellow color. :D


So Bubsy shenanigans on Twitter, Steam, and Facebook, with announcements on the official Bubsy page.

And if you hear of other events, let me know. And of course plenty of Bubsy news right here on the Bubsy Fan Blog.

Not much activity on Facebook honestly. Truly is becoming the old person's media. :P

Instagram has the same 10 to 11 posts that have been there the whole time.

The Linked IN page for Bubsy is a fun shout out to the character:

So all this is good, a lot of activity on Twitter and Steam.

Alright, we've had some fan art show up on the Bubsy twitter feed. So here are what some of the Bubsy fans have submitted...

And that last bit of art was the fan art that start the above trend going on Twitter.

Probably should mention there is are discussion going on in the Woolies Strike Back area on Steam

Here is what it looks like today...

MANY discussions in the Bubsy Two-Fur area... wow! (though some are quite old...)

And a lot of Bubsy art also in the Two-Fur area.

For completeness I'll mention this Bubsy fan club on steam that has like... 6 members.

And there are a lot of comments on Bubsy's own page on steam.

So we'll see what happens in the last 14 days before launch!

Later fellow Bubsy fans!

-Doctor Clu

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