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Mom today was the worst she's ever been since this whole thing started. Earlier she was worried about all the stuff she thinks she needs to be worried about. That's her whole problem: She's worried about all this stuff. Perhaps it's anxiety that's making her sick.

Anyway, I took some time out to determine why the collision detection wasn't working in my Cat vs. Rat game. I think I solved that problem, but one still remains. Nobody wants to help me with my grand scheme for this game, and tell me if it's possible or not. Last Friday, I posted on the videopac.nl forums about it and have gotten 0 replies. What I want to do is store mazes in one bank and carry them over to the bank where the in-game program is. But nobody will tell me if that's possible, to carry data info from one bank to another. It's like it's a big secret, or nobody cares about the game.

Between this and being sick of Mom being sick, I don't know what I can do. I don't want to live any more.

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