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FREE: Sony CDP-G520 - Anyone in NNJ want to save a CRT display? (TAKEN!)


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I have this fantastic CRT display in excellent working condition....but I can't keep it. I have no room and am looking to move soon. It has been pictured in various pics I have posted connected to vintage computers. I don't want to recycle it, but if nobody wants it I will have no choice. Shipping it is not an option...it weighs at least 80lbs and will most definitely get damaged in shipping..no matter how well I package it. I live in Northern NJ. If someone wants it and can get here and pick it up, it is yours at no cost. PM if you want it!

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Interested in this, and might well be near enough to NJ in the next few days that I could possibly meet up to take delivery of this. What sort of inputs does this have, do you still have the box and/or manual for it, etc? A quick pic or two would be really neat to see. I still use CRT monitors and just by a quick Google search this seems to be one worth picking up.

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Thank you Eightbit for the smooth trade. I am really enjoying and putting it to work. I got the F18A Colecovision looking absolutely flawless with the OSSC into an Extron DVI-RGB converter. Up front it looks so crisp with low latency and smooth refresh rate. This was a blessing sir, thank you.






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