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Spy Hunter with unaltered title screen

Atari Nut

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There's no altering by us or anyone, in fact its the opposite, people get the software and either remove the protection only or simply make an image that will run, in the old days people loved to leave a message on the disk but nowadays we want the games to be as close as possible to how they were released in the shop so no more silly crack screens and the like.

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Doesn't look to have been done as part of the Straight cracks from Farb's ATX-Torrent thread to-date though.


I hadn't arrived at publisher Sega yet ...

... and now I am finished with it.


Spy Hunter (1984)(Sega)(US)!cr.atr

Super Zaxxon (1983)(Sega)(US)!cr.atr

Frogger II - ThreeeDeep! (1984)(Sega)(US)cr.atr

Tapper (1984)(Sega)(US)cr.atr

Up'n Down (1984)(Sega)(US)cr.atr

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The Straight cracks are great. I hope he continues them.


Thanks FULS, it works. How did you do it? Did you just modify an .xex and change the cracked text back?


By any chance do you have a clean SEGA Super Zaxxon .atr or .xex?

What are we considering cracks?

You can always "dump" the cartridge or disk to an ATR (or other format) as needed. I love using AtariMax's cartridge dump hardware.

I would think to actually "crack" a game you'd need to decomplie it, alter, then recompile, which is possible.

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A crack is where the protection is either fully removed or bypassed, there's no need for compiling as most is done directly to an image with a machine code monitor, now with programs like Altirra with its superb debugging tool box its even easier to do it as long as you know your coding and protection styles.

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