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1088XEL Atari ITX Motherboard Pre-order & Interest Thread


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With Michael's blessing, I am selling production versions of the 1088XEL.

I will be selling it in the following formats:

1088XEL Ordering Checklist (14OCT18).pdf


FULL Component List means just that: ALL chips, All sub-assembly boards. I ordered all of the parts. I have verified that I have all of them. I am waiting on some of the daughterboards, but I will guarantee that you will have them by one method or another. The only thing it would not include is solder. and a soldering iron. and time. and knowledge. and donuts. Definitely no donuts.

Shipping has been listed. I can do international (outside of the United States) and I will make it as inexpensive as possible. The problem is that once we cross 16 oz (2.2Kg for the rest of the world), pricing shifts from first class to Priority Mail and You KNOW how ridiculous those prices are. However, if you work with me, I will work with you!

Pricing is attached, BUT, if you want more info, let me know via PM or post here. I do not want to clutter the development thread with this stuff, but I also wanted to get it out there for people to see. California residents MUST include 8% sales tax. Sorry, but that is the way it works. On the plus side, that means I am able to get better pricing. On the minus side, if you live in beautiful California, uh, you gotta pay for it. ;-)


IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT ONE SECTION (e.g., "Resistors" or "Capacitors"), let me know!


I have also added some options (Dual CF, Joystick extension cables, etc)


UPDATE: 14OCT18 Went to re-order some of the backplanes for customers and the prices have gone up a bit. As such I had to raise my prices on those options. Sorry!


UPDATE (28 OCT 17): BLUE Bare boards are running out. If you specifically want a blue motherboard, you need to let me know ASAP. There are 17 blue boards left as of this writing. After that, all future orders will shift to the next order of green boards. Also, STARTING WITH THE GREEN board order, boards cost will increase a little bit to $12 per board. This is to cover increased shipping costs. I am still waiting on some parts for the full/partial BOMs so hang in there.

UPDATE (15NOV17): Realan H80 Cases have been ordered and are in hand. Will be finalizing prices and stuff by the end of the week. Interest list has been updated. All paid baseboards have been shipped. ALL BLUE BOARDS have been spoken for. All Future requests will be with GREEN boards. NOW is the time to make sure you have the color you want. Check the list, if there needs to be a change, I need to know pretty soon!

UPDATE (16NOV17): Updated interest list. Something that bears repeating: All Future requests will be with GREEN boards. NOW is the time to make sure you have the color you want. Check the list, if there needs to be a change, I need to know pretty soon!

UPDATE (21NOV17): Updated interest list. I have also included actual pricing for the FOUR purchase options (assembly is, technically, a 5th option). The casing options are shaping up as well. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS. I have tried to be as clear as possible, but am HAPPY to answer any question. I have tried to keep this as easy for people as possible. Please remember, there are at least ten different vendors that you have to buy parts from (and even then, sometimes you have to find an alternate source). So, you can CERTAINLY do this yourself. However, I am not certain you can do it all that much cheaper after you factor in shipping from multiple sources, failure of parts, time involved in ordering, etc etc etc. However, it is entirely up to you.

UPDATE (22NOV17) : Major edit to the post. Orders have started coming in! I will keep everyone updated!

UPDATE (30NOV17): Orders continue to come in. BOM-DTR Kits will head out the door very soon. All other kits are waiting for U1M to arrive. Also waiting on various video boards to arrive/be assembled. Work continues!

UPDATE (04DEC17): Orders continue. Still waiting on a daughterboard. OPTIONS 3, 4, & 5 Pricing is finalized. CASE PRICING IS FINALIZED. It is based on the picture at Michael's website (http://ataribits.weebly.com/1088xel.html) . There are some variations for the backplane, which I will have in hand (I hope) before I leave for Japan. If they come in, I will post pics here of the different options. Backplane choices will NOT change the price.


UPDATE (21DEC17): All DIY kits have gone out or will go out today. Everything except the UAVs will be in there. Bryan has graciously agreed to expedite some boards once he gets his shipment, but this will get the kit to you and allow you to start building. The parts have all been individually labeled. I then bagged all of the parts in the groupings found in the BOM. If you have any questions during your build, feel free to contact me as I will be building others at the same time.

UPDATE (04JAN18): Minor hiccup in the video connectors. Emails with details went out to all purchasers. All Assembled purchasers should make sure they are receiving emails from macrorie (at) thebrewingacademy (dot) com for links to pictures of their builds.


UPDATE (06JAN18): First completely assembled board shipped. Others are being built. Waiting for parts from Israel & Poland. Globalization hits the Atari! ;-) I have updated pricing. The shipping needed to be bumped as insurance fees alone were costing me $5-$15 more than people were paying.. If you have paid, you do NOT need to pay any more. That is benefit of paying! However, all future orders will need to respect the new pricing. I changed pricing on one option to reflect parts price change. Also, this is fair warning: if you want a 1088XEL at the current prices (either assembled or unassembled), you should order & pay now. Part prices have increased and some additional costs to building have been discovered. It's probably only going to be a 5% bump, but $20 is $20. Also, with the blessings (and MASSIVE help) of the Beta testers group, I am writing/curating a user manual. I will send a copy to all purchasers once it is finished. Options Interest: I have also started taking orders on some options available for the 1088XEL. These are ONLY if you want to purchase them separately from a full BOM kit or Build. Also, be aware, that if you purchased a case option from me, it ALREADY includes the Panel indicator and the mouse select options.


UPDATE (08JAN18): Three more assembled boards done. Waiting for Composite/S-Video connector to do final testing. Updated pricing to reflect the option of RGB video out. Sophia & VBXE-XL are available. I am leery of not including stock video (via the UAV), but I have given people the option if they so desire. Whatever your choice, cables will need to be custom done either by yourself or by me for additional costs. I have a stock of DIN13 cable connectors, so I can do it fairly easily. NOTA BENE: I still do not have Sophia boards in hand, so if you pick that option, there will be a (hopefully short) delay.


UPDATE (08 FEB 18): All orders done prior to 01 FEB except one are either out the door or on their way out of the door. After putting together quite a few kits and assembled versions, I have come to see some necessary changes and information. Shipping has solidified for everyone, so if you live outside of the US, you know what you are getting into. Anything from a DIY kit to a fully assembled case with all the trimmings will ship for the shipping amounts listed. Order placed after 08 Feb 18 will reflect the new pricing reflected here and on my website. I will have an updated BOM that includes stuff that has been added on as options as well as things that came up during builds that should be included. Please be aware that you are paying for the BOM listed here and on the website. If the BOM you have downloaded earlier/later than the pricelist, send me a PM and I can get you an updated one. I am churning these out as fast as I can. I do have to make this clear: If you expressed interest, but have not yet paid, I will be taking you off of the interest list soon. No hard feelings or anything, I just need to verify that I have boards available before I either sell more OR order more items.


UPDATE (07 MAR 18): All assembly and DIY kits have shipped. I have all parts in stock if you would like to buy a kit or an assembled item.


UPDATE (29 JUN 18): The firmware is final and all things are go. I have made up a checklist to try and make the options easier. Let me know if you have questions

UPDATE: (01 JUL 18): XEL-CF-][ DUAL has been removed as an option. If you still want Dual CF card operation, you should order a XEL-CF3
UPDATE: (16 JUL 18): Updated checklist. For a little while there, it was possible to purchase a CF3 kit for $20! A steal! I fixed that! ;-)
UPDATE: 23 SEP 2018: Fixed a couple of errors. Also, customer designed lids and backplanes needed to increase to reflect Front Panel Express' prices going up. Since those are one-off designs, I cannot order multiples to get a discount. I mean, I could, but then they would not be "custom" designs now would they! ;-)



See above

1088XEL Interest List 07MAR18.pdf

1088XEL Ordering Checklist (14OCT18).zip

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I am in for at least 2 bare boards.


That said, I *want* to buy a single board plus BOM to assemble myself but that depends on a few things - most obviously, whether my Financial Manager (MrsVenkman ;) ) okays a big $300-ish purchase around the time you've got parts in hand and ready to ship. In the case she says "Nope!", I know I'll want to pick up a couple boards and put one together piecemeal as funds allow.

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Well, I hope the interest matches the orders for McRorie.


I think I will try and drum up a S. Ontario Canadian thread .. so that we can do a qty order from Digi-key and boards. I think a good portion of us have old 800xls we might use as donors for the atari chips, I have a U1mb already and UAVs. So I would be picking and choosing from you McRorie, also I think you will limit just board orders from your first 50 .. and if I am counting you are well over 10 bare board orders already.


If you want to bother getting to the point when you do a breakout of the parts - aka an u1mb order.. a atari chip order, an electronic components order.. then I will look at that.



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Uhh....300 bucks for the parts ? Is that because this includes all the VLSI chips ? (ANTIC, POKEY,6502C, PIA,GTIA) ?

Asking because I already have these....


Also, will the gerber files be published ? Might be easier to go OSH Park for bare boards....cheaper too I guess... You can simply upload the files and people can "order at will" from the website.


Not trying to bomb your project, but if these PCB's are going to be built in China, shipped to the US and then you have to do distribution on individual basis it's a lot of hassle....and extra shipping money...


I just ordered 3 very small boards via OSH park that were already uploaded there for 5 bucks shipped anywhere in the world.....

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Uhh....300 bucks for the parts ? Is that because this includes all the VLSI chips ? (ANTIC, POKEY,6502C, PIA,GTIA) ?

Asking because I already have these....


Also, will the gerber files be published ?


Gerber files were published in Michael’s original thread two days ago. The $300 price range includes the U1MB, UAV and all the chips and parts, as I understand it.

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