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So I have been having trouble with Jaguar programming. I tried everything and just couldn't make the fire ant sprite appear on the screen without weird lines up above it. I had been using GIMP since that's what the forum post said to use. But I found out that Paint Shop Pro was a better choice, since Sporadic replied and said he used Paint Shop Pro 7 to change the bmp file. So I downloaded Paint Shop Pro 7 and saved the bee sprite (which I had also been having trouble with), and put it in the game. No dumb lines above the sprite.

So now everything is about the way I want it to be for the Ants game for now. I switched back to Game Boy programming, but I gave up trying to bankswitch because it's too hard. Why do they have to make stuff like that so difficult? My life has been going downhill ever since Mom got depressed. It makes me depressed and suicidal too. Her counselor wants me to come along on her appointment today. Barf. As far as I know, her counselor thinks I'm normal. I must have the biggest file in the whole Salem Clinic.

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