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Should I purchase this Apple IIe?


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Let me start off by saying that my experience with the Apple line of computers is minimal at best. Last time I used one was in school in the mid-80's lol. However, I have wanted one for years, as I am a collector of classic computers. I know someone selling an untested filthy Apple IIe that has been sitting in his garage for years. He's also including a monitor called a "monitor III" that powers on. I'm pretty sure that's all he has (no disk drive). He wanted $50, but will take $40.


Now, I say filthy because the computer has layers of dust on it. However, I'm excellent at taking apart and cleaning cases. I have my own methods that others don't seem to do (I like to soak and submerge it in soap and bleach for a half hour). I can also solder and clean electronics pretty well.


My question to you guys is what will I need to buy, besides the DD? Do I need to buy a power cable (and other cables), or are they hard-wired to the computer? Is the monitor cable hard-wired to the monitor III?


So, what do you guys think? Is it worth it? Is the IIe a good starter? Stupid question: It doesn't have an internal HD, does it? Also, it boots to BASIC, right?

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I think the IIe is a good starter as long as it doesn't become a money pit, you will want to see what cards are in it, disk controller, 80 collum / ram expansion etc, a super serial card is great for transfering disk images, but you can use the much slower tape ports as well, to that point you can boot a lot of games over the tape ports using apple game server




cables for power and video are standard 3 prong deals and video should be composite to composite


and no it doesnt have a hard drive (though pro dos can use one) and it does boot into basic

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