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I fathom about Fathom.

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Just bought on eBay a copy of Fathom for the INTV. I wonder why this is the most expensive Imagic game. It looks like it also has the crappiest graphics of an Intellivision game. At least give the water some waves or something. And add more clouds. And work some more prettying up the title screen. I don't know, I've never played the game before. But anyway, once it comes, it will be game #88 (not including homebrews). I'm not a real hardcore INTV collector, I don't even want the boxes for them. But I did however find all the manuals that were missing, all in one place. This Fathom is cart only.

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I'm guessing Fathom was a later release. The manual announced the release of Moonsweeper and Wing War (both unreleased), so it might have been the last one completed. The crash soon followed, so I'm guessing it didn't sell well. Being a fairly simple game probably didn't help sales either. On Intellivisionlives it says about programmer Dave Durran:

"With everything else he was working on, he says that writing Fathom was a "kind of afterthought." It was designed to be a children's game with (mostly) friendly characters and an easily understood goal."




In short, I think it has a small fanbase, but is pricey mainly due to rarity.

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