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atari2600land's Blog - A lethargic toddler.


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Mom has gotten worse these past few days. I didn't know she could get worse, but here we are. I know what her problem is: She says she can't do anything. That's what the problem is. And it's gotten to the point where she believes that it's true that she can't, when in fact it isn't. Counseling does not seem to be working. And when I tell her to take her pills, she has to argue with me for a few minutes before she finally does. And all she does is just lay on the couch most of the time. She barely eats anything.

I've had to hide her pills because she keeps talking about wanting to die. So, it's just like taking care of a lethargic toddler. Plus, I'm sick of it. And my sister is sick of it. But I'm more sick of it because I have to live with Mom. It just infuriates me to the point where I too want to die. Because that looks like the only way this crap will end.

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