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One word to describe having my new harmony Encore cart........ AWESOME!


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I got my Harmony Encore cart this morning and inserted the same SD card in which I currently use in my also-newly-obtained Atari Flashback Portable, and tried a couple of games on my new 2600 Jr. and it plays great, using my CX-24 7800 sticks in which I prefer to use on her. The response is quick, and I even played Pac-Man 4K as also Asteroids and the OG version of Atari Pac-Man (on the Harmony) and had no problems with compatibility with those, I'll do some more testing on her later on, but I am quite impressed, and now I hardly ever have to buy another cart (except for new homebrews from right here at AA) for either my 2600 Jr. or my 5200 as now I have BOTH the AtariMax 5200 Ultimate SD Cart, and now the Harmony 2600 SD Cart. That, the soon-to-be obtained AtariMax 8-bit Dumping cart and needed adapters (for 2600 and 5200), and all the gear I currently have for both units will come in pretty, pretty handy now that I finally have it,


Thank you AtariAge and thank you Fred Quimby!!!

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Isn't it? ..the ability to store hundreds or thousands of games and related files and scans and docs on a tiny silicon crystal. The stuff of 1970's science fiction and hollywood filmmakers! Though today's microSD cards aren't as glamorous as Superman's or HAL's information crystals, their performance and capacity points are right there.

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The Harmony Encore is an amazing thing to have. Being able to have access to almost any game ever made is just mind blowing. Of course it's the new homebrew that keeps the 2600 alive. The next bit of tech that I feel adds a lot to the 2600 is the savekey. Being able to save your high scores to a neat keychain with an LED light is just cool! :cool:

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