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The Official TERMINAL BUGOCITY thread - IntellivisionRevolution


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Crackports! :rolling:


Damn Rev, you weren't kidding about the ports! The people that love to hate on the VCS so much, must be reeling in the years these days. :lol:


Am almost at a loss for words at this point... all this 2600 goodness! Never too late to play catch-up I guess. At this pace, might well see an E.T. port next? Enhanced for the Intellivision of course. Fewer pits maybe? Utilize the keypad to dial an outer space number to phone home? Options are endless with Intelligent Television. :grin:

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ha, Port-land, lol. It took me a minute to get it


I've never played the Atari 2600 version and I don't even know whether it was released in Europe or not, but it seems like a vertical Worm Whomper and I will surely like it


Someone got my joke! yay.

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We don't need a 2018 IntyBasic Programming Contest


We need a 2018 IntellivisionRevolution Coloring Contest!!!



You are officially in charge of it now.


You arrange it with new thread and ill back up with a prize of any new homebrew ive done.


make it so number one

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I must applaud Spielberg for resisting a sequel or other major cash-ins all those years. I saw on the Wikipedia page that a sequel was planned but Spielberg pulled the plug as it would "rob the original of its virginity". E.T. has been featured briefly elsewhere as a theme park ride, in a seat belt commercial, background characters in Star Wars and playable character in Lego Dimensions but neither of these scream E.T. revival.


When it comes to licensing children's characters from the past, I'd suggest an Intellivision game based on Cheburashka.

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