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Acrylic case for 800XL (and other hardware)


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I always figured if Jay and the rest of the design crew had their full way with things, the extended Atari 8/ 16 bit line we remember (in dreams?), might look something a bit more like the offspring of an Atari 800 ( or XL) and the later Amiga 500 (ST is close, but...) ;) Maybe, in a few years, after some community projects have gone through a couple of iterations, with some agreed upon standards for expansion (800 was intended to have card slots, in the fashion of Apple, at one point in its design life), I/O (storage and we now have MIDI, plus both of the period wavetable/synth sound-card standards, now accessible (!) , etc sorted through - something based around/modded off the A500 case, might serve us better.

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It's TTL people.....not CMOS.


I really like it, it looks great.

Actually I was under the impression that it was NMOS which is not that far removed from CMOS, and should be handled with care. Now with that said, with all of the inline resistors and capacitors across the inputs, you would be pretty hard pressed to do damage to the chips once mounted in the motherboard. It's mainly an issue with loose chips that are out of circuit.


- Michael

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The DRAMs are CMOS. Not 100% sure about the MMU, but I guess it could be CMOS as well.


Most upgrades you get these days use CMOS for most parts (PLDs, RAM, flash) as well.


so long,




Yeah....I was referring to the VLSI's and all the tiny chips....I actually have a full set of NMOS RAMs in my spare 130XE board now :)



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