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I know of programmers leaving bugs in games, but never sellers.. Until now.

Retro STrife

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Check this auction out. I bought a Neo Geo MVS cartridge on ebay recently. Before bidding, I was looking through the seller's photos and noticed a dead bug lodged near the contacts of the cart. I was thinking, how much of a sloppy seller do you have to be to not only fail to notice a dead bug stuck in your game, but also take a photo of that bug without even realizing it? But whatever.. I figured it'd be removed or fall out before it reached me.


Well that wasn't the case... I got the game in the mail about a week later. I opened the box, unwrapped the cart, and was inspecting it... and there was the dead bug, still there in the same spot! I was surprised it made it that far. But whatever.. I can remove a bug carcass from the cartridge myself I guess. So I grab a tissue and try to pick it up. Suddenly I realize, it's not dead at all!! It gets away and I have to chase the bug around my living room!


I don't know what amazes me more..that the seller was blind and sloppy enough that he never saw the bug, or that the bug was so attached to making this Neo Geo cart his home that he had lived inside it (and the same spot inside, no less) through photographs, packaging, shipment, unpackaging, and all the jostling along the way. And never moved until I tried to pick him up! I almost feel bad taking it from him.


While this seller clearly could use some glasses, I found some humor in the situation and had to share. I've attached the seller's photos here from his auction, including his bug photo. And this was the auction.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/382248215329. Ebay never ceases to amaze me....



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