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IntyBASIC Intellivoice Detect?

First Spear

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On a related note: I'm working on another update to jzIntv, so that it will pick up "voice = 1" in your CFG file and automagically enable voice. You can make use of this from IntyBASIC by adding:


ASM CFGVAR "voice" = 1


You may still want to force voice back off for testing, though. You can specify "-v0" on the jzIntv command line to force voice off. The command line always takes precedence over the CFG file.


Other useful CFGVARs include:


' Ask for ECS to be enabled (for more PSG sounds!)
' You can override with -s0.
ASM CFGVAR "ecs" = 1

' Specify how title should appear in LTO Flash
ASM CFGVAR "name" = "Long name of game"
ASM CFGVAR "short_name" = "Short name"


The 'ecs' and 'voice' variable support should be in the next stable dev release, which I should post tonight or tomorrow.

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