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EOD: Bomb Tech (my bomb squad ripoff) In Development


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So this is what all those little questions I've been asking has been about.


First off, I'd like to thank Senior Falcon and Airshack with all their help, I hadn't programmed on the TI since the mid 80's so it's been a relearning process. I've been working on this since August. This game is not close to being done, but it is far enough along to show my progress and what, I've been able to do with XB256, TIdBit, Magellan, XB compiler and compressed VDP data.


I decided to rename it so I wasn't beholden to all game play mechanics


I'm really close to being out of memory, which probably accounts for the crashes I'm getting when I play it as a cart. In XB it doesn't crash but it is too slow to play in XB. I'm sure I'll have to scale back something.


What works currently:


3 digit random code is generated

pixels for each digit will display as you solve circuit boards

damage pixel will display if you short circuit board

you can guess the code and win or lose with a building blowing up animation, or a success tune

can cut solder points

can re-solder points

can pick up and drop pieces from the pallet

piece order is randomized

piece order can be replayed

game can be restarted after winning or losing

play with joystick or keyboard

cutting more than 6 solder points at once blows up the bomb

select digit to enter bomb code

cutting the wrong piece will put the bomb in fault mode and speed up the clock, change audio

cannot re-enter a damaged or solved pixel

audio played for every second of the last minute

pieces animate

pieces stop animating when cut

pieces start animating when re-soldered



What doesn't work:


random crashes when compiled (probably memory)

Picking up and replacing un-soldered pieces

piece order doesn't matter

timing is off, causing the controls to be too sensitive

circuit board can't be fixed. press 1 to solve it currently

probably lots more I'm not thinking of.

resistor starts animating when re-soldered, it shouldn't



You can use the joystick and fire button or E,S,D,X and ENTER


Main Screen:

0-9 will enter the bomb code digit

< - select the digit to the left

> - select the digit to the right

move the pointer all the way down to the bottom to enter the code, you will be prompted to confirm




T-Soldering Iron
Y-Wire Cutter
U-Pointer to short board
O-Replay piece order


Press ENTER or fire button to use.


There's a switch on the right side of the circuit board, switch to pointer and then throw the switch to keep the bomb fault from blowing up the bomb, but it will damage the pixel you're working on


1-solve circuit board and go back to main screen.



I'll probably bang on the code some more before I share the source. Eventually I'm going to need help optimizing and possibly improving what I'm trying to do.


Just a fair warning, this is pre-alpha, which is code for, expect crashes.


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It looks really sharp! I played for a little bit before it bombed out. It'd be kind of nice if there was more of a puzzle aspect to the circuit solving than just getting the pieces in the order presented (maybe a harder difficulty level where it just shows you the end points, and you have to trace the circuits. I think I'd really dig that ;) ).


I'll be interested to see the next release!

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Well it's the order, and then you have to figure out if you are to replace it with the same color, the same shape or a resistor. You just have to do it in the order it is presented. Thanks for the notes


That mechanism is obviously not working and in yet.

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Impressive graphics! Need more coffee though because I can't seem to figure out what to do with the scissors :D


I eventually found you clip the /ends/ of the parts, but as noted above, that sequence isn't done yet.. So my buildings kept going down! ;)

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Played this game a lot back in the day!


The code, the code... figure out the code!

Oh noooo :(


I used to figure out the code and enter it wrong just for OH NO.


I think the components should be animated when replaced correctly. I think that was a bug in Bomb Squad.


Screen shots look awesome! Keep going!


I started working on Intellivision Space Battle for the TI but I could not figure out the loop patterns of the cylon ships.

Then I tried to hard code the motion... Worked okay until I complied.... then the loop got tight and quick.

I should have put a variable or 2 in it, to play with different speeds and delays, but lost interest in the project.

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