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IFART Team Tournament Week 2


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Week 2

alien_invaders.pngvs. tornadoes.png

Game: Joust


dragon_slayers.pngvs. star_blazers.png

Game: Scramble (Standard)


Post your scores in this thread. 98% or more of the maximum displayable score is considered rollout/maxage. Be sure to use the correct game settings.

Scoring: Players score point for each member of the opposing team they outscore. If the teams are tied at the end of the week, the captain with the highest score earns 1 tiebreaker point for his team. If the teams are tied and the team captains are tied, the team with the highest average score earns 1 tiebreaker point.

Deadline for posting scores is 11:59:59 (EST) the evening of November 5, 2017

Joust Scores:
1. 232,800 - Sneakyturtleegg (AI) (+4)
2. 169,400 - Mister-VCS (AI) (+4)
3. 129,800 - toiletunes (Tor) (+2)

4. 105,250 - Abel M'Vada (Tor) (+2)
5. 91,950 - TheHoboInYourRoom (AI) (+2)
6. 78,400 - darthkur (AI) (+2)

8. 64,900 - keilbaca (Tor) (+0)
7. 16,750 - DarQ Massacres (Tor) (+0)


Alien Invaders - 12

Tornadoes - 4

Scramble Scores:
1. 271,860 - LidLikesIntellivision (DS) (+4)
2. 120,620 - Northcoastgamer (SB) (+3)
3. 48,070 - Gorfy (DS) (+3)
4. 44,950 - S.BAZ (SB) (+2)
5. 44,930 - Lauren Tyler (SB) (+2)

6. 38,380 - classicgamer_27330 (SB) (+2)
7. 35,040 - Vocelli (DS) (+0)
8. 27,660 - karokoening (DS) (+0)


Star Blazers - 9

Dragon Slayers - 7

Standings through Week 1:
Team W L PF PA
Star Blazers 1 0 9 7
Tornadoes 1 0 9 8
Dragon Slayers 0 1 8 9
Alien Invaders 0 1 7 9



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I'll try not to be a late Sunday score poster again. I've never played the 2600 version of Joust before. Here is what I did with it during my first short play session. I like the control and although limited, this 2600 version captures the feel of the arcade. What I really don't like is the eggs. After you kill a bird, the eggs keep floating and picking up momentum. It should be the opposite. The eggs should slow down and land. I'm guessing it is a technical limitation of the 2600. Nonetheless, it is fun and I should be posting a few more scores throughout the week.




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Can't get past the steep climb in the corridor...​30,500



Before a steep climb or a steep fall, you need to put your ship at the most right position.

When climbing or descending, you must fly diagonally (left up or left down), so you give some space to reach the next tunnel where you go right to prepare for the next narrow tunnel.

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