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Cookie Monster Munch for the Colecovision


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Since today's Halloween, I decided to share my games with the community.


Cookie Monster Munch. It based off the port of the 2600 version. I tried to match up to the detail that the 2600 have. Different color schemes, rolling number, filling up time, sounds(hard), music(forced me to make a CV music tracker) and yes even the screen transition. Thankfully I was able to cheat on screen transaction, instead of making it too complicated. There's 17 different mazes, most of them are from the original 2600 version. This is my first time making a maze like AI. Still not perfect, but he can still get you if you're not careful.

You can pick up more than 1 cookies like in the Atari 2600 that's not on skill level 1-3. Use the Joypad to move, and the FIRE to pick up cookies. Deposit cookies in the cookie jar is automatic. You have about 4 minutes to collect as much cookies as you can.

There's 4 game mode, one is just cookie monster. The other 3 is one of my favorite from the Atari 2600 version, Cookie Monster and the Cookie Kid.

Cookie Monster Munch WIP: CookMunchWIP.rom

Other 2 mode are the sound test and the music tracker maker. Just don't use number more than 31, otherwise the numbers goes off to the weed, wreck havok.

Additional Instruction edit mode for Music Maker:
Keypad 1, play/stop music
Keypad 2,reset music position to 0
Keypad 3,does nothing. I don't know why I just wrote that.

Keypad 4,increase sound number by 5
Keypad 5,decrease sound number by 5
Keypad 6,set sound number to 15, deepest sound of that soundfont
Keypad 7,set sound number to 30, highest sound of that soundfont
Keypad 8 and 9 does nothing
Keypad 0,set sound number to 0

Up increase number, down decrease number.
FIRE1 play that sound effect
FIRE2 exit the edit mode to the sound menu selection mode.

I haven't tested the game on a real Colecovision. So enjoy.

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