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Vastking G800 like a cross between a Nintendo Switch and a Windows tablet


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If you were wondering how long it would take for Chinese manufacturers to try to bolt JoyCon-type controllers to a cheap Windows tablet, well, know you know.


This is probably OK for playing Rocket League and Skyrim, but I'll bet the Switch does that even better ... and in only a few weeks.

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Yup I saw that childish IP trolling lawsuit using sketchy terminology as the usual way to waste their time and money on lawyers. Hopefully Nintendo decides to get more vindictive over such cretins in the future (as I would hope Sony would too) and sue for colossal damages to put them under. Patent trolling is overplayed and rotten.


I'm curious about that vastking device on how it will end up if it makes it to market as they're seeking a partner. I'd think they'd have to be worried about Nintendo going after them with 2 detachable controllers with suspiciously look very similarly designed and attached. That's far closer to the Switch than that comedic stupid patent troll going after Nintendo.

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