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Help compiling Doom source


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Thanks Carl, I've tried in Windows 10 and OSX. I'm copying the Doom source into the bin folder of the development tools and simply running the make command, that sound about right? I've also tried setting a path to the bin folder.

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Thanks for the info Tursi, I've tried several CPU cores and types, also adjusting cycles. When it crashes I get the following error "Exit to error: IRET:Illegal descriptor type 12" in the DOSbox status window. Maybe someone can share their DOSbox config?

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Sounds like it might be a fault of your dev tools - are you sure they're ok?


Apologies for the delayed response guys. I've been spending most of the past few weeks in the NICU with my newborn. I def appreciate everyone's responses.


I've tried emulating every CPU available in DOS box.


It very well could be my dev tools, although I'm using the files Carl sent me. Is there a guide for how to setup from scratch?

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As expected, something really silly, I just needed to correct a path in the makefile to match my environment.


C2OBJ = gcc -B/prog/jaguar/bin/ -b m68k -V2.6 -Wall -DJAGUAR -O2 -c -o $@ $?


to this


C2OBJ = gcc -B/jaguar/bin/ -b m68k -V2.6 -Wall -DJAGUAR -O2 -c -o $@ $?


And now I have a doom.abs file!


Will the ABS and WAD file fire up in an emulator? Trying to determine if I can use an emulator to quickly test my changes.

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