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Show off your cans!

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Which reminds me... Maybe an entry on that page for this can is in order!


Lathe26, mind if I crib these pics? Or do you have others?


Go ahead and use them. I can take better photos, if you like. The one's I posted were quick shots for AtariAge.


I hadn't even noticed that my can was different from the others you had posted on there original. I just assumed that mine was the same as the others on your site and never double-checked. :dunce:

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Woah. Just you just do an update to your site? Yay! I think I have some Dr Pepper and/or Astrosmash contest paperwork around here somewhere....

I've had the Dr. Pepper page for many years. Just added Lathe26's can and the bottle cap.


If you've got more stuff to show, that'd be great!

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I have both Lock'n'Chase button variants and a one page advertisement for the Astrosmash contest. I also have a sealed Astrosmash with the advert sticker. I'll try to post pics soon.


To recap can stuff, does anyone else have Dr Pepper cans other than these:


Astrosmash version 1 (Steve)

Astrosmash version 2 (Steve)

Astrosmash version 2 (Jason)

Lock'n'Chase (Lathe)

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Someday, somebody will release some Intellivision beach balls, or stress balls, or something like that.


And then some idiot will post a thread here called "Show off your balls!"


I dread that day...

Aww, man. I'm with ya brother. I'd hate to be the dumb dumb that goes and does something stupid like that...


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