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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - So how is Bubsy Doing?


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So for a long time Bubsy fan like myself the joy was all the hype of the new game being released, seeing Bubsy fans respond, and "Bubsy" on the twitter feed responding back. The twitter activity that was probably inspired by the "Sonic" (Played by a Sega employee) on the Sonic twitter channel probably inspired Accolade. And to me it made all the difference getting to interact with the character.

So let's start with the expected news, what are the non-Bubsy fans saying? Well, let's take a look...

"Kinda digging it." & "So responsive. That is what impresses me"

"Hit detection is ok.." "No glitching"
Complaint: Length (too short) and difficulty (Too many marker points)
Expected more than what we got. Wanted more worlds for the price tag.
Gave a 4 out of 10.

Liked the double jump with glide
Fall damage is gone.
Annoying enemy placement.
Only 14 levels?
Rated a 4.5

Laser Time
They had a love for the old Bubsy games.
"Sonic is to Halo what Bubsy is to Killzone."
"you can't have a good Sonic without a good Bubsy"
"An example that America has too much money" :P
"Worth every penny"
"Pretty fun for $30 bucks"

Other reviews peg Bubsy at around 4 to maybe 5.

So here are the average good points of all the reviews I read:
*It's a competent platformer
*Hardly any glitches
*Nice to see
*Fun game
*Best Bubsy game yet
*Bubsy does not talk too much (and you can adjust the rate Bubsy talks.

And the bad points:
* Platforms you jump on are the same platforms basically through the whole game.
* Enemies are annoyingly placed.
* Too many markers.
And the biggest complaint...
* Too short.

That is what I hear the most is how short the game is with only 14 levels.

So in a moment, I'll give MY review of the new Bubsy, but first, some reviews of the fans and other good Bubsy comments...

So been loving all that, but now...


Love it. Of course. :P

I have seen so many Bubsy concepts of what a continuation of Bubsy would be. Also heard many music interpretations. So which would I have gone with? Well, the Bubsy in the flying suit made some sense, and my favorite fan music was "Return of the Bobcat" and I like the song "A Hole Lot of Magic". Love it. Honestly, this game, to me, blew all my expectations away :D I love all you fans, just saying I really really like what they made here.

So let me break it down:

The voice: Love it. Sounds like Bubsy, not as annoying as the Bubsy 3D, maybe easier to listen to than the original Bubsy voice. One could say a Bubsy a bit grown up? Just turn down the rate Bubsy talks or he will tend to repeat the phrases fairly quick.

The Music/soundtrack: has a retro mod/Amiga feel to it. I thought.

Backgound: Beautiful, as said Laser Time said, a nice homage to the Southwest.

Gameplay: Honestly fun for me.
Glide: Is a neat ability how you can drift down. Still the best way to take out a Woolie.
Pounce: A FUN new ability. Can ram through walls. Supposedly the way to take out Woolies, but so far I tend to die like 40% of the time when I use it against Woolies.
jump: Is jump. Always best paired with glide.
Climbing is a new fun ability.

Comparison thoughts...

* I like how the Woolies lay around after you pounce them. :) They don't just go poof.
* Like how the shield shirt stays with you till you are hit. Nice solution to the one hit kills you problem.
* What is new is how when you hit a Woolie and you hold down glide you loose your glide. You can hit the glide again and Bubsy climbs up a bit for extended glide, just that this is a bit different.
* Woolies don't stay down. One thing I always like about Bubsy was you returned to the last marker point with all prior enemies you took out still gone. Now you return to a marker with Woolies returned all around you. :o

That is basically it. The game has been the type of fun where I find myself wanting to go back and play more of the game. I listen to the soundtrack in the car. As a fan, a very happy time for me.

I'd say if you're a fan of Bubsy, you'll get a lot of good nuggets out of this.

As a game, I think this is something good to give to a friend for their kids.

Yep, like many kids of the 90's that grew up with the first Bubsy game, and good memories, so I think kids of today will like this game.

So if I was to give this a score and this is based on fun, and what I believe this game could be, and fan material, how about an 82% out of 100% or 8.2 out of ten.

It is a fun game. I think all the hype, the twitter feed leading up to the game, the marketing would raise this score to an 86%.

Here is what I would like to see...

1) more variances in the appearance of the Woolies.
2) a bit more story?
3) Packages that people who buy the game can download to add more levels <---- would raise it 10%
4) A level creator that fans can download to make OTHER levels that owners of the game can put online for download. And with that, ways to import different music. Make hell levels with some Slayer!! Yeh! :D
5) More variance in the platforms you jump on.
6) The ability to zoom in so you don't see as much of the screen for those that like a feel like the 90's game and those cheap off screen enemies.

Ok, that is all for now. More Bubsy news coming up, in the meantime, take advantage of that 34% sale on steam. Like buying the game for $10 and the soundtrack for the other $10.

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