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HSC is BACK : choose the very first game for the HSC #9


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  1. 1. Choose the game for the 1st round of HSC 9

    • Astrosmash
    • Demon Attack
    • Star Strike
    • Frogger
    • Motocross
    • Stadium Mud Buggies

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I just changed the poll, because I played Motocross right now and it plays like a bad version of SMB. SMB is rare and expensive, Motocross is much easier to get hands on, but its also the worse game in my opinion. So I let the choice for you guys, if you want to play a racing game which one it should be.

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Astrosmash is a worthy game, but can be an endurance run. My longest game took a few hours to get around ~600,000.


Demon Attack is one of my favorite games, but I haven't really gone for high score, so I hope it makes an appearance this season.


Frogger and Motocross are games I've played very little, so I'm intrigued by both.


Star Strike is a game I wish I liked more, but it seems pretty basic, unless I'm missing something.

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I think Star Strike would be damn hard, because the Arcade Mode is completely unforgiving.

and this statement coming from a Master jedi of intellivision gaming... oh my!!! What hope do us Padawan have if a Jedi Knight speaks these words of this game Star Strike...



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I played the Arcade-Mode just once years ago and if I remember correctly you have to hit EVERY bomb. One miss -> you die. In fact thats not too bad to be honest, because its at least not combined with hours and hours of grind like Astrosmash would be. So the game may is really hard, but I am not sure if thats really a bad thing for the competition and the fun factor. For example: I really HATED Shark Shark as a competition game. Its an awesome game and makes a lot of fun, but the curve of difficulty was senseless. I could easily get to about 100.000 points without losing any life and have something between 100-200 lifes if I am not wrong right now. And than, out of nowhere, the shark goes completely nuts and so I barely get 20.000 more points before all my lifes are gone. Its really ridiculous and since I know that I restart the game if I waste just a few lifes to the way to 100k, because I know I will need them to have any chance to improve my score. But that means nothing else than playing the game for about an hour or so just to reach the part where it matters. It starts beeing frustrating very quickly :lol:

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There's no reason you can't have the contest with Star Strike level four. Level five and six are more frustrating; you can't miss one target. No way to prove what level is being played but since you move slower at lower levels you should get the highest score at higher levels.


Like Shark Shark a few Intellivision games got unfairly difficult suddenly. Eg. B17-bomber, locknchase, deadly discs; although deadly discs is still playable. It's like the programmer thought, that's enough time, time to end this.

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You mix something up: The only mode we could play would be Mode 6. Its the only Highscore-Mode. All other modes just have a countdown til the planet is safed. It ends at 0. Just mode 6 counts your score and so you would in fact have a highscore.


BUT, and I am damn serious: Don't vote Star Strike, you definitely will regret it! Its simply unfair, not just hard. Sometimes you get a accustic information about the next hit point, but sometimes you just dont and even if you hear the sound its pretty hard to hit the target. I am not the worsed player and I am sure I could get some points in that game with more training, but in the short test run I not even hit the second target. And I wont sound arrogant, but I am afraid many players would just hit the first target and nothing else. Its really unfair, may check it out before you put your vote on Star Strike. I did not tested Demon Attack until now (just played it for fun years ago), but it can't be worse than Star Strike.

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I think I know how you would make the challenge in Mode 4, the highest rest timer would win, right? Well, I am completely against this mode because of several reasons:


1. It wouldnt be the Arcade Mode and in HSC the Arcade Mode is the best one (which is self explaining I think)

2. As you said: there is no chance to see what mode was chosen. In theory you are maybe right: Higher Modes allow a better score (did not checked it), but in reality you lose a lot more time if you miss one target, because you have to run a complete round around the death star.

3. The best possible score would be to hit every enemy and every target first try. Its not easy, but also not too hard I guess. But its definitely way too easy for a HSC. Infinite Arcade games are the best ones, because only they motivate players to put their best into it.

4. Its a lot RNG in your idea. Sometimes the enemies kill each other, sometimes don't. Also sometimes they fly right in front of you and sometimes out of your reach. You can never avoid RNG competely, but Mode 4 requires a lot of RNG by default.



So if you choose Star Strike, you chose the Game in Mode 6, not Mode 4. I am sorry about that, but I hope I explained you why Mode 4 isnt appropriate for a HSC Challenge.

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