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Bubsy Vs Tronman


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Hahaha!! :D


Ok, for those that may not know the context these are both hacks of Fast Eddie.


We have Tronman: (2004)



And not to forget Packrat: (2004)



And we have Bubsy 0: Kitt'N Kaboodle (2017)



Also a Atari 400/800/XL/XE version



(And would gladly make a 5200 version if I found Fast Eddie for the 5200).



So thirteen years ago neotokeo2001 made the Packrat and Tronman hacks. All and all I will always be impressed by what was shown to be possible. When I made mine the editing tools like Hack-O-Matic 3 were more developed which allowed me to tweak and use quirks and strengths of Fast Eddie for more game character traits. But before all that neotokeo2001 showed us what was possible. :)




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As "bubsy" is a feline, he quickly ate "packrat".


By cons tronman can measure up against bubsy.


Ha! I like the analogy of of Bubsy eating Packrat.


Huh, Tronman vs. Bubsy? Well at some points Bubsy has had a throwing weapon (Pies/nerf gun Bubsy 2, Atoms in Bubsy 3D) which would work well against the disc Tronman has.


Bubsy, with the Woolies Strike Back, no longer has falling damage, and a black shield shirt that allows Bubsy to take one hit.


So could be a close battle!

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