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ATARI BRAND SALE: Vader + ALL Controllers + EVERY Game Rarity 1-7


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This lot is for the collector who actually wants to play all the games, and is as comprehensive a collection of hardware, carts, and documentation as can be found, minus the holy grails.

Included Hardware:







1. Clean but unmodified 4-switch Vader console complete with original Atari power supply and useless antenna switch box (for the sake of authenticity). There is an RCA/COAX adapter so it can be connected directly to any TV with COAX input. Manual also included.

2. Two standard CX-40 Joysticks
3. Two PAIRS jitter-free Paddles (for Warlords parties)
4. Two Driving Controllers (for Indy 500)
5. Two Keyboard Controllers (all Keyboard games included)
6. One Video Touch Pad (with overlay for Star Raiders)
7. One Track & Field Controller (game included)
8. One Kids Controller (ALL Kids games included)
9. One Trakball (great for Missile Command)
10. One Light Gun (for Sentinel)

...and even - yes EVEN, I say...

11. One complete set of Remote Control Wireless Joysticks (with two 9v batteries). I tested the range and they work up to 15 feet. Manual included.

Included Games:



151 unique carts comprising 128 titles (with 23 label variants) representing EVERY title Atari released that AtariAge ranks from 1 to 7 in its Rarity Guide. Please review this excerpt from the Rarity Guide for specific titles:



107 of the included carts were acquired by me at retail or directly from Atari between October of 1981 and March of 1991, so they have not been in circulation. The other 44 have been collected since October of 1999 from various sources, mostly dealers online and at conventions. The variants are attributable to having bought whole collections from friends.

There is at least one game manual for every title (some manual variants are included as well) for a total of 135.

Every cart is NTSC unless otherwise noted. Asterix, for example, is PAL because the NTSC version does not fall within the 1-7 rarity range. I play PAL games on an old TV that has vertical hold so I've never had qualms about collecting PAL. This photo of Xenophobe in play on the included Vader console shows that TV:



Label conditions are mostly near-mint for the uncirculated carts, though actiplaque does appear on some labels (indicated). Variants could have some label damage, such as the 1987 Stargate cart (holes).

Though no boxes are included, ALL inserts that came with games ARE included! That means comics, overlays, warranty cards, and any other sundry documentation Atari chose to pack-in. All are stuffed within the manuals, which are packed with their respective carts. I did NOT include ALL the inserted catalogs, but there is ONE of each in the collection, totaling 20. There is also the Atari Log Book, unsoiled.

Everything has been tested TOGETHER and works, of course, but if the buyer finds that ANY aspect of this collection is unacceptable upon delivery, I will do whatever is necessary to make it right at my expense.


The whole mess will be packed in one large box (see photo)...



...because it IS cheaper than splitting it up into smaller boxes. The games will be packed in a group of small boxes within the large box. Each hardware item will be separately wrapped in bubble. Box dimensions: 31" long X 21" wide X 11" high. It weighs just under 50 pounds.

I will ship anywhere in the world and via any means chosen by the buyer, but UPS is highly recommended, and insurance is a must. The cost to ship this from the east coast of the US, where I live, to the west coast, for example, will be between $90 and $100 via either US Postal Service or UPS Ground.

Since I'm not entirely certain this will sell, I have not packed it for shipping yet. Once payment is confirmed please allow a few days for prep. I will provide tracking info once the chosen carrier has the package in hand.


I am asking $400 if payment is made via money order, $412 if via PayPal, plus shipping and insurance. First come, first serve.

Questions are welcome, via this thread or PM. Specific details and/or photos will be happily provided.


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I'm a little sad that you have to sell your own games from 30+ years ago sniff sniff


Aw, don't be sad. Everything in this sale is basically a duplicate. I am still fully immersed in the hobby, collecting homebrews as they appear, former vaporware as it is found and reproduced, and I contribute to the community whenever I can. The proceeds from this sale will be spent right here in the AtariAge store, the best place to spend classic video game bucks, in my opinion.


The reason I'm selling here, and not eBay, is so my 30+ year old stuff goes to an AA member, surely the best of homes.


Your concern is appreciated.


Be seeing you...

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