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Other Apple IIe Platinum upgrade ideas


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9 hours ago, magnusfalkirk said:

yes, I have two Apple IIGS's so I know about the 65c816. So is the 65c802 similar?

Basically, you get all the instructions and modes of a 65816, but with only 16 address lines.  So there is no advantage over the 65816, except for being able to just install one in some 8 bit computers.


Versus the 6502, 65C02


In Emulation mode, there is no advantage.  It acts like a 65C02.


In Native mode, 65C02 code runs pretty much unmodified, and it runs a bit faster due to some cleanups of extra read/write cycles.


One way to get similar functionality is to ask nicely for you FastChip to be made with a 65816.  It will perform like a 65802, due to how the card is itself implemented.  And, of course, you can run up to 16Mhz!





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