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Reconstructing Flattened Boxes


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I recently inherited a bunch of flattened 2600 boxes (nicely flattened, not crushed) that I would like to reconstruct. Whats the best way to do this? The biggest question for me is what kind of glue to use on the bottom flap. White glue maybe? Any help would be nice.

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I wouldnt use any liquid glue, not that I am an expert or anything but white glue stick doesnt soak in like regular white glue does on cardstock


ps: if you use double sided tape, dont get the cheap stuff, I got some at wallmart cause it was half the price of the 3M stuff and it might as well have been poster tape, though marked "permanent" (not that the 3M stuff marked "permanent" is actually permanent but it didnt fall off from its own weight)

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