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AV mod gone wrong - a little help?


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I did an AV mod on a Sears light-sixer. I've done this mod many times on a 4-switch Vader, a couple of Jrs., a heavy sixer, and at least three 7800s....but this is a rare occurrence of a mod not working.


I get no video, but when I turn the console on with a cartridge in it, I get to short buzzes in the key of B-flat (50hz??), almost indicating that it's some kind of POST that didn't go well.


The console worked fine before I modded it.


I'm attaching pictures of my external solder points; I'm not concerned about the leads to the audio/video jacks...but if anybody can give me any pointers, that'd be great. It was this mod:







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Just out of curiosity, I did a search for other instructions on how to do an AV mod on a sixer. I found a set of instructions that were virtually identical -- the mod board looked slightly different but had the same components and wiring. Thing is...those instructions tell you to wire the audio-in to the main board, but the ones on vintagegamingandmore.com have you wiring the VIDEO-IN to the main board. I had enough time this morning to futz around...I swapped the audio-in and video-in, and the console works great now! woohoo! :) (I also posted a comment that hopefully vintagegamingandmore's moderator will notice so they can make the necessary correction.)

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