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6 switch 2600 Video Mod


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Hi Everybody there!


I've been trying to get some video output signals from my 6 switch 2600, but with no results!

I tried all 2600 mods in the FAQ, but all I can get is a steady image just for a couple of seconds, then the image starts jumping, and then all I can do is to turn OFF/ON the VCS.


Anyone tried a succesful 2600 video mod?



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I've done it with a Jr. using the instructions on this site. I recall that either the 4-switch or 6-switch may require a video driver in order to get a good signal.


And I have to ask - was there any special Chilean editions of Atari hardware or software?


[ 06-27-2001: Message edited by: Alex ]

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About chilean HW&SW, I must tell you:


-For the 2600: No software nor hardware was manufactured here in Chile, all I've found is a pirate cartridge (possibly from another country) named 'River Raid' on it, with an altered version for River Raid that doesn't show the Activision logo on startup. Ah! And I found some sort of 'text catalog & startup manual' in spanish telling you the benefits of your newly purchased 2600 and lists some Atari titles (with brief instructions on how to play 'em).

-For the 8-bit: I've found some paper publicity about 8bit Atari products (only for the XL line) and a 'chilean' version for LOGO programming language showing the 'ATARI 1985 CHILE' message. It features translated-to-spanish keywords like CUA (from CUADRADO i.e. SQUARE) for drawing a square...it was sold with a spanish instructions booklet (it was sold as cart and disk). No HW was produced here in Chile, the only HW related thing that was done here was to open the Atari PSUs and adapt 'em to chilean voltage specs (here we use 220VAC instead of 110).


Hope didn't bore you too much.


PD: Sorry 'bout writing mistakes but English is not my primary language :-)

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