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Is there any way to fix an INTV II controller?


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Thanks ,a nice addition to the video. !!

Here's a thought how about an Intellivision how to or maintenance Sub Forum like the HSC and Programming sections. It would be a great addition and help make things easier to find when needed..

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Thanks for the suggestion. That was it – continuity problem on the red and black wires. I swapped in a replacement cord, and the controller works like a champ.


Since there don't seem to be any diagrams or photos of these parts on the forum or the rest of the internet, I put together something to help the next person who needs to track down a fault.





Sonofa... so the wiring order is different between the INTV1/Sears and INTV2. Sigh. Guess this is why we can't have nice things.


mr_me's wire coloring for Sears is exactly the same as what I have for the INTV1, so at least that's consistent. I wonder why they changed the colors for the 2. And if they used different cords by the time the III/SuperPro/Tutorvision came around.


Edit: I just realized that this means the matrix itself is pinned differently on the 2. Yeesh.


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While servicing another Intv II controller today, I discovered an error in the two diagrams I posted yesterday. I had been working on a wiring harness with intermittent connection problems on the red and black wires, and in my old diagram I put them in each other's spots. Today's harness worked fine, so now I'm sure I've got them right.


I can't edit yesterday's post, but can the moderator remove post #23 for us? I've sent Albert a PM. I'm really sorry if this messes anyone up.


Here are the revised diagrams for the INTV II controller wiring:




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