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The Last Strike


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Hi everyone,


I am more than happy to finally be able to show you some game play footage from our next full game - The Last Strike.






All code by L. Staveley
Audio engine by U235
Music by h0ffman and MSG-RG
Logo and full screen artwork: Sonik
Sprite animations by TikiPOD Ltd
Miscellaneous graphics from opengameart.org

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Whoa! Are those ... little ...people?! Is he rescuing people?! Like Defender meets Super Cobra meets ...Gradius?!!!! (Not that I know that much about Gradius...)

It looks incredible! You guys are on a roll!


It's kind of a mash up of lots of things and hopefully, in the end, will be it's own spin on things.


The two bars at the top are L: (Lifeforce) and F: (Fuel)


Fuel will deplete over time, which is why you need to replenish from the fuel dumps (we won't go into why blowing them up gives you more, it just does. Accept it and move on!)


The Lifeforce will deplete if you fail to pick up a stranded person, or you kill one. The Lifeforce counter will affect how you can progress, and also your rank at the end of the game when all stages are complete. It's a good idea to pick people up, because that is what gets you credits in the shop at the end of the stages.


The other counters are: Score, R (Rescues) B (smartBombs) S (Shields) V (Velocity) and L (Lives)


I'll show some more bits and bobs over time. The entire game framework is pretty much done, we're working on content, progression and balance now.

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Cyrano J, well I guess. Its a buy the way it looks now, but the Jag only has 1 good shmup- Raiden. You're new project looks like it could really kick-ass if mentioned things happened, it would be awesome to have a game stand out like that on the Jag, we may never get Native, but this upcoming title does make me dream a little. Keep it up. :thumbsup:

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