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need info on lcd


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hello i know this is for atari hardware and if this is not allowed to be in here i am sorry for the post.


well i am starting a portable atari 2600 system (i know there are already some) i want to do this just for fun and something that will be interesting. anyway i have been looking at lcd to use for the system and have found that they all cost to much, so i would like some info on the game gear screen, i have seen these on ebay for alot less than any lcd screen is to order.


this is what i know about they already and makes them look like a good choice 1. they are lcd 2. they are smal and compact, 3. cheap, 4. highly avail.


any help on this would be great and anyone that is working or thinking of doing the same sorta project i would like to talk about ideas.

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