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I made a short commercial for My History Teacher Ate Lemons. Hopefully it will shed some light on the backstory. I got bored last night so I made this. I need an idea of what to do in the game next. I know that each level will end with Fred eating a lemon. But I want the three levels to be big enough.

There are going to be three different levels: the Forest (which is what I'm working on now), the Mountains, and the Desert. Each level will end with a boss fight with a lemon. The first lemon will try to shoot you himself with his own gun. I want each level to be 85 screens long (85 x 3=255, the maximum value of an 8-bit variable) but I don't know if that will pan out or not.

So anyway, you can view the ad here. It's 30 seconds long, an average commercial length. I will make more advertisements as I keep working on the game.

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