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PS1 games on a PS3?


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I don't have a PS1 currently so I'm trying to use my PS3, which is the later model with the top loading tray, to play my PS1 games. However when playing NFS High Stakes the game would pause (although sound kept playing) and it eventually froze. The disc is in very good shape with nary a scratch. Is the PS3 hit and miss when it comes to PS1 games or may there be something else going on here?

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This is my PS3 BTW




The wikipedia link for PS1/PS3 compatibility and NFS High Stakes has yes for one model and a question mark for the second but mine is a 250 gig later unit


I seen that as well, but above that before it list the games it says all use emulation for PS1 games and that it doesn't vary between models which has me confused a bit on that. I can't find any other lists at the moment.

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Do you have a PC you can put an emulator on and test the disc in it? Maybe if it is the disc you would also have problem on emulator(or also just emulation problems even if disc is good) on the PC but if not maybe would mean game disc is good.




Another option maybe if you could take your disc to a pawn shop and see if they would let you test your game in a PS1 if they have one, they probably would let you do that I would think.

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I've noticed other youtube videos with people playing this game on their ps3 without issues. Again not sure what model they used though.


I have model CECHH01 for sale here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/272129-fs-sony-playstation-3-model-cechh01/ which isn't in the wikipedia chart and I do not have the game to test in it.

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