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potentiometer pedals for atari 2600/7800 racing?


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I have a Home Arcade Systems Per4mer turbo wheel for the Sega Genesis (ebay seller called it the Saga) I have been trying out with Atari 2600/7800 racing games like Enduro, Pole Position and Pole Position II. I would like to add some realistic pedals for gas and brake. Most of these come with pot pedals, one lead for each output, plus the pairs of merged leads to the +5V and GND. Will these work with the +5V leads to the Atari paddle VCC (pin 7) and GND to pin 8, and:


Gas pot output: Switch - Fire 1 pin 6 Enduro and Pole Position II (with Seagul 78), NC Pole Position


Brake pot Output: Switch - Fire 1 pin 6 Pole Position, Fire 2 pin 9 Pole Position II (with Seagul 78)


or do I need to use something like the on/off Coleco driving control pedal.


I've tried the weird 2600 foot pedal controller, but those are just large push buttons and have no fire 2 for the 7800, unless I flip the middle pedal to pin 9 for Seagul 78, but it really isn't worth it.

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Yes! They do work! I used a pair of Logitech pedals sold separately on eBay cheap and even though the range I measured for pressing the pedals went from 4.4kohm to 1.3 kohm, when I hooked the leads up to pins 5 and 9 + gnd and vcc, on a breakout DB9, they worked as hoped. I had to use two Y-cables with the Per4mer Genesis wheel (which has no pedals or gear shift) and the pedals and a Quickshot III and may need to add a Seagull 78 for the Quickshot, but I can play Pole position II on the 7800 with Genesis wheel, Logitech pedals and a Quickshot III as the stick shift (I needed one with suction cups on the bottom). I had to remove pins 5, 6 and 9 from the female end of the Y-cable that connected to the wheel, since those apparently over-ride and block the pedal signals. I'll need to add a couple resistors and a common connection to pin 6 on the pedals' DB9 so I can play Pole Position, Enduro, etc. on the 2600 with the same setup. (Obviously, I back-burnered this for a while)

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So, I haven't been to this forum in quite a while... But this is quite cool. I am assuming the gas and brake are just digital on and off signals, right?


Anyways, congrats on your succesful experiment!

Yes. The 2600 and 7800 are digital, but the pedals are analog pots. I never got back to modification, but the small potential with the pedal not pressed still seems to be enough to trigger restart even though it is not enough to activate gas or break in the game. This is a little annoying since you don't get a chance to pick a different track if you want. I'm sure it can be fixed with some added resistors. The threshold is just too low for restart and select functions.

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