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360 saves and Xbox one


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Well, I got my Xbox one in today and will probably go to the hotel to set it up and download the games, I assume their codes instead of discs, and doing that at home is NOT going to happen on our internet. Besides the prohibitive amount of time it would take, there's the fact it would kill our quota for the month (150+ gigs)


Anyhow, some 360 stuff is compatible with one, but I don't know how that works. My 360 got stolen, but I still have my memory card with my profile and saves on it. For games that import data from 360, will it just use the saves I have from the card, or does it want to link to a 360? Also, can I copy the save? I'd rather keep compatibility with 360 since I do plan on still getting one.


I got halos collection, sw battlefront and a cod game. I'll get some more at some point, but mostly I don't want to corrupt my card getting my profile. I'm sure I can download it and not use the card at all, but I don't remember the last time I was online, the online one could be weeks or months out of date.

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Yep, you can only transfer the 360 saves to the Xbox One via the cloud. Uploading the saves from the 360 also requires XBOX Live Gold to do so, not the other way around, heh. I found this out the hard way the other week when transferring my Dark Souls save games from my Xbox One to my 360. When I went to transfer them back, I couldn't because I don't have Gold. If you don't have a 360 you can sign into then you won't be able to transfer your saves from your memory card. The card is not compatible on the Xbox One.

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Well I only got Minecraft, destiny and ghosts, that have xbone compatibility. Minecraft I wouldn't bother, unless I can use old saves with a larger updated map. Destiny if I get a one version, it would be destiny 2 anyways, and ghost, I really like that, so I might get it, but its an older game and that just depends on if my friends still play it or not.


I think one of my friends still has a 360 I can use to copy saves, then I can format it and fully use it for music on my ps4. Its bigger than my current ps4 card. That'll work until live for 360 dies, but I should have another 360 by then.

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