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OLD CS1's Blog - Dell UltraSharp 2007FPb quick comparisons to 2001FP


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I received the UltraSharp 2007FPb this week and tried it with both my Sega Nomad and TI-99/4A. There are some significant differences to the UltraSharp 2001FP which I covered before. Most importantly, as with the 2001FP the 2007FPb will sync properly to a 240p signal, though also samples it as a 480i signal.

Dell moved the power supply into the monitor so it only requires the single simple IEC power cable. It has the same inputs and outputs as the 2001FP with some additional features, including PIP (picture-in-picture.)

Functionally the monitors are the same, however I found the S-Video suffers worse quality than composite using the same composite source. I have a handful of composite-S-Video active adapters with a capacitor and resistor to prevent as much signal leakage between chroma and luma when separating, unlike many cheap adapters which simply wire the composite signal to both posts. These work demonstrably well with "good" video systems.

But, sadly and interestingly a composite signal shows better on the 2007FPb than the actively split signal in the S-Video port -- the opposite of the results on the 2001FP. Check out these photos of the Micro Pinball II screen.





I like the stand of the 2007FPb versus the 2001FP as it is flat and does not block as much usable desk space. I am still curious as the whether these two monitors will sync to a 15kHz signal from an Amiga but I will not be able to test as I lack the necessary Amiga video port adapter.
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